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Kashmir Sozani

Sozani Embroidary is visually identified as fine needle based embroidery done with silk and viscose yarn using primarily Sozani stitch, depicting motifs based on flora and fauna of Kashmir valley and done on various textiles. Kashmir Sozani has been registered under the geographical Indications (GI) Act of Goods Act of India, having GI No. 48, Certificate No. 98..Read more


CDI, Srinagar has been
implementing a number of developmental schemes and programs to protect the interest and welfare of the Kashmir Sozani industry and its consumers. The Kashmir Sozani certified Goods are also expected to serve as a guarantee for the buyers that the goods being purchased are authentic and genuinely of its traditional origin.


A Society of artisans from Kashmir, are the registered proprietors of the Kashmir Sozani GI and are actively involved with it's enforcement through monitoring the quality standards of genuine, hand carved Kashmir Sozani embroidary work.